ASO Specialist (English Speaking) (RadASO)

  1. Brief description

    We are expanding the team of ASO experts at Netpeak RadASO to promote our customers’ projects. We work with the biggest clients in Ukraine and abroad.RadASO is a part of the Netpeak agency and a leader in mobile app marketing in CEE. We’re the only mobile app marketing agency that offers a performance-based pricing model. Big players like ABBYY, OLX, Uklon, Windy, Pure, VOCHI, Room Planner, and Reface (the first Ukrainian app to become number 1 in downloads in the US App Store) are among our clients. 


    1. Large-scale projects that will allow you to maximize your expertise in ASO. We work with the largest clients in Ukraine and abroad.
    2. Training and growth: the curator will guide you throughout the trial period and you and the Team Lead will help you navigate all processes. After the trial period, you will receive a career-ladder plan, which will clearly outline what skillsets you need to develop and goals to achieve in order to reach the next level. We always encourage our coworkers to grow!
    3. Participation in seminars and conferences (for example, we are the organizers of 8Р and App My App conferences), more info is here:
    4. No boring tasks and routine processes. We have developed our own tool for ASO. It allows you to collect the semantic core and metadata sets automatically. So you will be able to perform text optimization 2-4 times faster than usual.
    5. PM handles almost all communication with clients, you will be able to deal with the most challenging and enthralling tasks.
  2. Job responsibilities

    1. Manage turn-key projects in stores:

    • Semantic core creation for all available localizations;
    • App metadata optimization (Title, Subtitle, Keywords (iOS), Title, Short Description, and Full Description (Android));
    • Analyzing ASO strategies of competitors, monitoring trends;
    • Building hypotheses to improve the search positions of applications and testing them through experiments;
    • Measuring the effectiveness of optimization;
    • Preparing hypotheses, and technical specifications for designers for visual optimization (icons, screenshots in stores, etc.).
    • Developing a set of measures to work with external ranking factors.

    2. Master and work with the  RadASO Tech Solution (our own development, which allows you to significantly save time on app launch and optimization);

    3. Detailed reporting on the work undertaken.

  3. Required skills

    1. Professional skills

      • Ability to work with Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Google docs, etc;
      • Proven knowledge in App Store and Google Play ranking algorithms;
      • Keywords optimization in the App Store & Google Play;
      • Visual optimization: preparing hypotheses, and technical requirements, controlling the process of assets preparation;
      • Optimizing ratings and reviews, working with motivated installations;
      • Running A/B tests, making hypotheses, increasing conversion;
      • Mobile analytics: analysis and customization;
      • Knowledge of English at a level not lower than Upper-intermediate.
    2. Main objectives for the role «ASO Specialist (English Speaking)»

      Create and implement a strategy for promotion in the organic Google Play and App Store, and be responsible for the development of ASO projects.

    3. Criteria for evaluation

      • Speed and quality of project management;
      • Growth of installations in App Store and Google Play;
      • Leading projects with quarterly Net Revenue => 36,000 USD.
  4. What we offer

    1. Salary based on the results of the interview (rate + bonus). Individual conditions are possible during the probationary period because it takes time to grow KPI.
    2. Convenient schedule for skylarks, owls, and undecided: from 8 (12) to 17 (21).
    3. Remote work.
    4. Paid vacation, the state holidays.
    5. Training and development: adaptation with a supervisor throughout the probationary period and constant communication with the Team Lead team.
    6. A career ladder and knowledge map that gives a transparent understanding of what you need to do to move up the ladder. :)
    7. A closed forum, your own Wikipedia, and your own library.
    8. Participation in conferences and seminars organized by the Netpeak Group. For example, we are the organizers of the 8P and App My App. You can learn more at: gamification system, Netpeak's internal currency, and the Netpeak Store. Corporate events and entertainment
  5. Company description

  6. Department description and information on the technology used

    We have a cool team: our guys are professionals in their fields and we have already created a good environment for sharing experiences.

  7. Terms and conditions of employment

    Probation lasts 3 months, paid.

  8. Contact info of a recruiter if there is a question

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