PPC Specialist (Romanian speaking) (Netpeak)

Brief description

Netpeak is looking for a PPC Specialist to work with a major international brand. Working with a project of this level is not only managing large budgets, but also


 1. Non-standard global tasks.

 2. Availability of resources to implement the most daring ideas and proposals.

 3. Cross-platform products with many categories, which makes it possible to understand various large business verticals.

 4. The opportunity to be involved in a global product that millions of users know and use.

Professional knowledge and skills:

1. Knowledge of the Romanian language (+ Ukrainian/Russian and/or English).

2. Experience with PPC for more than 1 year.

3. The ability to correctly and clearly express your thoughts in writing without checking in Google Docs.

4. Experience with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data studio.

5. Availability of Google Ads and Google Analytics certificates.

6. Experience with GTM.

Required soft skills:

1. Ability to independently learn and acquire new skills (we believe in the principle “you can’t teach, you can only learn”).

2. Perfectionism. Willingness to correct, rewrite, rework, and look for new solutions until the ideal solution is reached.

3. Purposefulness. The ability to bring what has been started to the end, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles that arise along the way.

4. Rationality. Disgust at wasting the time of others on something that can be done much more efficiently and quickly or not at all, and the ability to constantly ask yourself the question "Why?" before doing something that “someone asked to do”.

5. Responsibility. Willingness to make independent decisions.

6. Self-organization. Ability to multitask and not need constant reminders.

Functional responsibilities

1. Launch and optimization of advertising campaigns.

2. Monitoring the relevance of the structure of advertising accounts, and campaigns.

3. Management of advertising budgets.

4. Search for growth points and testing hypotheses, conducting experiments.

5. Connecting and testing new tools, and beta versions.

6. Preparation of reports on experiments and formation of conclusions.

7. Setting and monitoring tasks for junior-level employees.

Criteria by which the results of the work will be evaluated

1. Fulfillment of KPIs set by the client.

2. Score 360.

3. Dynamics of budget increase and implementation of media plans.

Apply to the role

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