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Netpeak Group — what's so great about us?

Yep, this is a huge block of text about who we are and why you might want to work here. No need to Google us — everything you need is right here.

Why does Netpeak Group help you become the best version of yourself?
Netpeak Group is a group of IT companies focused on performance marketing and creating SaaS platforms, mobile applications, and new digital projects.

Today, the group includes 20+ companies with over 900 employees. Even as you're reading this, those numbers could be growing. Why? Find out below.
Netpeak Group encourages a culture of entrepreneurship.
This is reflected in the history of the group's companies. For example, there's Ringostat, a calltracking and end-to-end analytics platform; Serpstat, a search engine marketing platform; and Netpeak Software, which offers SEO tools. Each of these three companies was once just a set of internal scripts, which grew into separate products and businesses.

More evidence: The CEO and partner of the online university Choice31 used to be a part of the Netpeak Sales Team.
Our global mission is to move from the «third world» to the «first».
Along the way, we try to inspire others through our work. And we grow too, as we help our clients develop their businesses. We're guided by values such as curiosity, passion, independence, and a focus on results.

We want to make Ukraine a leader in the global economy without changing our geographic location.
To fulfill our mission, Netpeak Group does more than just help businesses develop.
The group's companies are involved in three social projects that align with our principles of social responsibility:

My City is an accelerator for public projects that has successfully implemented 147 initiatives worth UAH 13.7 million since 2015.

GladPet is an online resource for adopting and helping stray animals which has brought care to 7,967 animals to date.

Dopovidai is an online platform for military projects that has helped cover the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, amounting to UAH 3.2 million, since the beginning of the large-scale invasion.
Our companies and their teams are constantly receiving awards that confirm the high expertise of Netpeak Group specialists.

Netpeak and Inweb are Google premium partners, and Ringostat is the only Google Analytics technology partner in Eastern Europe.

In 2021, Netpeak won Silver at the Effie Awards Ukraine, and in 2022 they took second place in the Clutch rankings in two categories: Top Digital Marketing Provider and Top PPC Provider. Another one of our companies, Rad ASO, made the rankings in the Mobile and App Marketing Providers category.
What makes Netpeak Group particularly special is our corporate culture, a point of pride for us.
We do away with formalities and address each other using nicknames. (Yes, even when talking with the CEO.)

Humor is part of our DNA. Gamification plays a role in our workflow, and we have our own memo generator, internal currency (netpiks), and a Netpeak Store with merch, literature, and tech.

Our company events feature immersive performances where employees can be themselves — no boring presentations.

What's it like to be a Netpeaker?

Behind all the achievements and success, Netpeak Group is a great team of specialists who reinforce and complement each other. What do they say about working in our group of companies?

Ivan Kutas
Lead Project Manager
Netpeak Software
"I am always happy to start my working day and communicate with colleagues. I feel like I have found myself. I also feel confident about the future because I see the company's growth, and it’s really inspiring."
Kostiantyn Cherviakov
"Ringostat gave me almost everything I have and know. Yes, I previously had work experience and great motivation to succeed, but everything is possible only in the right place and with the right people."

Vladyslav Naumov
"I have grown from a junior specialist to a company's Head of SEO in two years. I had never forced myself to work because I do love what I do."
Dmytro Lola
Tonti Laguna Mobile
"I’ve been involved in developing mobile apps for about a decade, and honestly, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve had difficulties and challenges, but that's why it’s interesting."
Kseniia Bohoslavets
Product Designer
"To meet my career needs, I need to be involved in something bigger than usual. I mean to work in a company with a reliable status and a good history. Netpeak Group gives me all this in full."
Margarita Osipenko
People support specialist
Netpeak Core
“I grew up professionally here. I've learned to communicate with different people. Traditions, corporate culture, and friendly atmosphere are the key points that we value in our company.”
Yes, these are real reviews from people working at our different companies.
If you're wondering why they're written so well, it's because of another special aspect of our company:
We publish an annual company magazine called Netpeak Stories, where we share personal stories, professional achievements, and even just memes with colleagues. These reviews came from our magazine.
Maybe you could be featured in it someday, too.